Wage and Hour

Following are highlights of some of the Insurance Law cases the Law Office of Larry A. Sackey has litigated. They are illustrative of matters handled by the firm and should not be viewed as a representation or guarantee of any particular result.

Boyce et. al. v 24 Hour Fitness et. al.

Larry Sackey represented a class of employees in a settled wage and hour nationwide class settlement. The Boyce case settlement was estimated over $37 million.

“Abgaryan v. Custard Insurance Brokers Inc.

  Larry A. Sackey filed a nationwide class action in 2017 that was recently settled for millions of dollars against defendant on behalf of a nationwide class of insurance adjusters for the recovery of unpaid overtime, meal and rest periods, and minimum wages, as well as the payment of various penalties. Like many companies in this industry, Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc. works employees in these positions well over eight hours per day and 40 hours per week without the required additional compensation or full reimbursement of business-related expenses.”

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